What ever happened to…?

Last night’s talk between Paul Kelly and Robert Forster appeared to be a sell-out. (Marita managed to get last minute tickets.)

They chatted for quite a while about Paul’s new book, he sang a couple of songs (Sweet Guy, and You Broke A Beautiful Thing), and answered questions.

The best question: What ever happened to the characters in To Her Door?

Paul came up with an eloquent, almost poetic answer, the gist of which was he thought the people in How To Make Gravy were probably the same people.

And perhaps the bloke in Love Never Runs On Time, as well.

For a theatre full of people very familiar with the music, it made a great answer.

By Daniel Bowen

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How very interesting. I’ve not really kept up with all of Kelly’s recordings since the mid-late-’80s ones I got as a child, but I’m still superkeen to read “How to Make Gravy”, the book. It seems a zillion other people at my library agree given the number of reservations.

I’d have been tempted to attend this if I’d known, not least because I also luv Forster – and especially the earlier, gawkier Go-Betweens records – beyond all rationality.

First heard Kelley on a Qantas flight (“Sydney from a 747”) and developed a liking for him thanks to Daniel!

His music regularly resounds through Chez Jelf and in the car…….

I was surprised in a recent interview he discussed his life long addiction to Heroin, ususally this becomes common knowledge pretty quickly when your in the public eye but I hadn’t heard it before.

I hope he releases some more music soon, it’s been too long since the last album :-(

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