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Spotted (by Marita, actually), this amusing van:
If you need a plumber, call A.Carpenter

Meanwhile on the corner of Latrobe and William Streets, they’ve painted arrows and lines to help show drivers where to wait to make their hook turns:
Lines and arrows for hook turns

PS. There are also animated/flashing signs signalling for right-turning drivers to wait. Will see if I can snap a pic of one.

PS. Thursday morning. Here’s a pic showing one of the new flashing “Wait” signs. Similar signs have been installed at the Elizabeth St/Latrobe St corner.

New hook turn signage

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The’ve also had these hook turn lanes at Elizabeth/Latrobe for a couple of weeks.

One thing I’ve been wondering… does this mean if you are going straight ahead you MUST stay in the centre? Usually, a direction arrow means that you must proceed in the direction of the arrow. (This is largely an academic curiousity, of course, as unexpected turn arrows are largely ignored by drivers.)

Not seen any discussion or comment in the media…

They have had these markings in Clarendon street since hook turns were implemented there in 2005. They also have a flashing hook turn sign that says “wait” until the light changes to red, to remind drivers that are not allowed to turn on the green even if there is no traffic in either direction.

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