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Me at forty.

Daniel at 40

(Well, 39 and 364 days, yesterday. I had this idea of taking my own picture. It’s startlingly difficult to get a half-decent shot, as you can see. Even the one I used shows something between my teeth — and a tree apparently growing out of the top of my head, though I’ve cropped most of it out.)

To be honest I feel a bit seedy today. Not enough sleep, a cold, and the events of the last couple of weeks mean I haven’t organised anything to mark the occasion except with family. Maybe in a few weeks when the dust settles.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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How sad! Your own birthday and there was no-one around even to take your photo. And I thought I didn’t have many friends!
Seriously, happy birthday. You have worked tirelessly over two decades to make Melbourne a better place for its 4 million people. It’s fantastic that you still have the energy to be a good dad, hold down a decent job and keep hundreds of people entertained on your blog. PS And you look good for 40!

Happy Birthday, Daniel. From both of us.

I can say from a certain amount of personal experience that the old adage about life beginning at 40 is ENTIRELY TRUE.

Happy birthday to you on the occasion of my 36th Daniel. Still looking very dapper! May your Cats make it all the way to the GF and hopefully knock off Collingwood.

Happy Birthday Daniel – 40 is a good age. Hope you’re feeling better soon – you’ve had a pretty hard few weeks, by the sound of it. Cheers.

The trick is getting someone else to take your photo. Doing it yourself just sets up too many expectations.

(that and it’s easier to blame someone else if the photo turns out bad!)

Happy birthday mate.

Happy Birthday! Go out and treat yourself.

Your head at the top of the page is starting to look like it’s been photo shopped, not enough grey :-)

Happy Birthday – I must say, you look a teensy bit worried in your main photo.
Relax – now you’re an old geezer and that means (at least it does for me) that you’re able to openly mock and berate teenagers for wearing low slung jeans, hogging seats on the train and littering!

Hi Daniel

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Daniel. I turned 40 3 weeks ago, and have felt a mix of emotions about it. Have surrendered to the fact that I am On Top Of The Hill. I did my Top 40 things I want to do before I turn 50, which means I need to achieve a goal every 3 months! Already achieved 2 in 2 weeks (guess that’s the honeymoon period)!
All the best for continued success and happiness


Happy birthday, Daniel. I hope you’re able to find something fun to do when you’re feeling better. As for self-portraits, I’ve given up, after hearing my mother accuse me of “trying to look like Charlotte Church” in the only ones I liked. *sigh*

Hippo Birdy. Though, unlike Paul, I don’t have any good wishes for the Cats – Carn the Pies!
Turn the big four oh in about 7 weeks myself.
They say once you get over the hill, you speed up…

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