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Every suburb needs…

Every suburb needs a combined noodle shop and bus stop.

Combined bus stop and noodle shop

Another view from Google Streetview

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@Roger Smartbus about 15 mins. Normal bus about half an hour. Good Idea to have a bus stop next to a food shop or cafe while you are wating for the bus. You can also use the toot in the cafe if they have them.

They might not have the best sense of placement, but would highly recommend that noodle shop!

Is that really still a bus stop? Looks like some recently formed concrete guttering where the bus would have pulled in…

@Viv, I’ve had their Singapore noodles; was good.

@Grant, yes, the bus stops just in front of the tree. They have a surprisingly tight turning circle for moving out from the kerb. Mind you, you’re right, the divider bit didn’t used to be there; perhaps the sign should be moved a few metres.

Here’s the view from Google Streetview, before the tree got moved:,135.745076&sspn=47.59105,75.146484&ll=-37.918637,145.040147&spn=0.002594,0.004587&z=18&layer=c&cbll=-37.918621,145.040039&panoid=v1o5_4_kmTV60sliLz8v_A&cbp=12,72.15,,0,18.68

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