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And now for something completely different. Glasses.

I’ve got a few different types of glasses in my kitchen, many of them remnants from previous collections.


From left to right:

(1) These used to come as IXL jam jars. You’d use up the jam, dispose of the label and the lid, and get to keep the jar as a glass. Given that was a good 11-12 years ago, I’m amazed they’ve lasted this long, though I only have a couple of them left.

(2) When I first moved out on my own in 2000, I bought a pack of The Price Brand (eg the cheapie brand) glasses at K-Mart. This is the very last of them that has survived.

(3) This one is tall and fat in the middle, and is one of a pair left behind by Iris when she went home to Israel back in early 2001. (A colander, a dish rack, some mugs and some plates were also part of that collection. She chose well; they’re all still in use.) These glasses have got a heavy base, which means they’re quite top-heavy when placed into the dishwasher upside-down.

(4) I’ve got a bunch of these ones. This glass shape is my preference for new purchases, because it’s tall (but not too tall) and narrow, it makes the best use of space in the dishwasher. Like my strategic purchase of more cutlery, this helps ensure I don’t have to run it more than every 2-3 days.

By Daniel Bowen

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We’ve got a hodge-podge of glasses as well. I like the tall narrow type as they fit the best in the dishwasher. Nice size too for a drink of milk.

I have lots of those jam and vegemite glasses, and I am surprised you have so much ease in breaking them, mine don’t break. I keep buying glasses with curved sides like your third example, and they don’t last long at all.

LoL. I thought only my Mom does that. Use empty jam jars as glasses. HaHa. Good to know other people do it too.
@Lyn I find that to be true too sadly. I love my colored-glasses but they break too easily. Boring glasses live longer.

I have 15 IXL jam jars, but these are the ones with the pre printed Looney Tunes Collector series on them. Have had them over 15 years and they have been in the dishwasher 100’s times and never lost their images, they look like they are still new.

That clever alignment of design with cupboard and dishwasher stacking requirements never seems to produce items that are both functional and attractive. But the trick of buying the right number of each item to stretch the time between dishwasher loads is open to us all…

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