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Solar Equation

Solar Equation, by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, part of Federation Square’s The Light In Winter, is a simulation of the sun, “100 million times smaller than the real thing”.

Here’s how it looks in daytime, when inactive:
Solar Equation (inactive)

At dusk it fires up:
Solar Equation

By Daniel Bowen

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12 replies on “Solar Equation”

I love this thing! It’s soo amazing. Have been over a few times already to play with it via the iPhone app (app is ‘Solar Equation’, funnily enough)….

Worth checking out for any Melburnians, ends in 2 weeks today.

@Phillip, correct, there is not really a giant ball of fire hovering over Federation Square.

@Chelsea, it’s well worth looking for video online, or going to see it yourself; it’s animated with sound. Very neat.

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