A dream from the other night. (I can’t normally remember them.)

I was on a bus; a big articulated bus. It stopped somewhere in St Kilda, and the driver got out to go to the toilet, but forgot to put the handbrake on.

We were on a slight incline, and the bus started to roll forward. Nobody else was paying much attention, and I was about two-thirds of the way back, so I moved forward to the controls, but by then the bus was moving faster, and it crashed into a parked, empty car, an old Datsun, and obliterated it.

I pulled the handbrake and the bus came to a stop.

In the investigations afterwards it became apparent that the car was a very old, restored vehicle, the pride and joy of the guy living where it was parked, who turned out to be an Aboriginal singer, a friend of Paul Kelly.

The media decided it was newsworthy, and prepared to interview me, but for some reason just beforehand, I had a haircut at a new hairdresser, who decided to get creative and gave me a lopsided, mod-type (big, boofy) haircut, which I was extremely embarrassed about.

Weird. As Marita said, it probably combined several of my interests into one big dream: PT, Paul Kelly, media. Not sure about the haircut!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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“…an Aboriginal singer, a friend of Paul Kelly.”

LOL. It’s the attention to detail that pushes this dream well and truly into AWESOME territory.

Aw man! I thought that Dennis Hopper (may he now RIP) was going to call your mobile phone, let you know that a bomb was on the bus and that you’d have to keep it chugging on St Kilda Road at 60km or it’d blow up….

….and Sandra Sully (the only Aussie I can think of right now), would somehow offer to lend you a hand…

….after she stopped laughing at your hair cut!

That’s a textbook anxiety dream – runaway vehicle, a crash and a shocker haircut before media exposure. It’s your version of turning up to give a speech and realising you are naked.

Now you know why good people don’t want to be bus drivers. They inevitably get to be the anonymous bad guys in these Jungian narratives that form the real basis for people’s convictions.

See also the pilot episode of Six Feet Under.

Are there any articulated buses in St Kilda on a typical day? As I recall, all the high-volume services there are trams.

@MC, heh!

@adrian, I’m not sure. The dream wasn’t specific.

@Shell, coincidentally the next day (Sunday) I caught four buses (above average for me). Then on Monday I did some TV, and was relieved my haircut wasn’t out of control!

@Jarrett, hahaha! Actually it’s not the first time I’ve had a had a dream involving a bus ride.

Very few articulated buses run in Melbourne, even on the busy Smartbus and Eastern Freeway routes, and there are none (to my knowledge) on the bus routes serving St Kilda.

So was it an actual Aboriginal person who was a singer, or was it a singer who sang Aboriginal songs? Or both? :D

Did the bus have myki readers, and were they working? :D

A slight incline in St. Kilda? A very slight incline in St. Kilda, surely. It’s not exactly Mt. Dandenong, is it? So, no mad careening, not unless the dream gets reshot in Hollywood.

As for enno’s comment – there are no dreams as dodgy as those that have Condie in them! (It had to be said)

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