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Lord Jesus Christ hit by a car

No, really.

‘Lord Jesus Christ’ struck by car in Northampton

Police responded at around 3:40 p.m. on Tuesday to investigate an incident where a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle while he was in a Main Street crosswalk, Savino said. The man was hurt, but conscious, and handed police his identification, Savino said.

“He was identified from a Massachusetts ID card, so that is his legal name,” Savino added. The card listed his name as Lord Jesus Christ, Savino said.

The hospital said no one named Christ was a patient there today. Efforts to find a home phone number for Christ were unscuccessful.

The Boston Globe

It’s not hard to see why this was considered newsworthy, at least in the Quirky News department.

The Boston Globe couldn’t track him down, but the CBS News did manage to interview him.

Given Christ’s Very Large haircut, the car driver (who was in the wrong) must have really zoned out not to spot him.

(Found via Probably Bad News)

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8 replies on “Lord Jesus Christ hit by a car”

Man what a nutjob. He sounds like your typical disillusioned hippy type. Loved the comment ‘religion controls me’.

I kinda wonder just how many people their are around the world named ‘Lord Jesus Christ’, and to a lesser extent Jesus Christ. I imagine this name is wildly popular in a lot of South American countries.

Don’t doubt it Megan. In Miami, Florida where I used to live Jesus is a very common name among people with a Spanish/Latino background. It is pronounced “Haysoos” in Spanish. If you open a phone directory in Miami or Los Angeles and look up “Jesus Martinez” you will find very many individuals with that name listed.

I didn’t know there was a video :( And it’s not loading for me!
Okay so, if he changed his name legally, how they could that name? Could people just rename themselves to be Leonardo DaVinci or Adolf Hitler or something else equally silly?

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