Another Myki stuffup

I know I’m not the first person to find this happening, but here’s an example of why you should be particularly wary about the Myki web site.

Myki pass stuffup

The actual Pass expiry date, which is correctly recorded on the card and displayed on the scanners, is Friday the 14th of May (or to be precise, 3am on Saturday the 15th).

The other incorrect detail is the Myki Money balance, which is actually $14.06 — the web site can see the relevant travel history, but hasn’t figured out that a quick jaunt down to Pakenham last week cost another $2.02. Again, this is correctly displayed on the scanners. It’s just the web site that’s stuffed.

By Daniel Bowen

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The mind boggles oO. How do you have a system where the front end is so terribly out of sync with the backend?

And just generally speaking – the myki website is one of the most poorly designed corporate websites, ever.

While I’ve had no trouble USING Myki, I find the website and the pay-machines confusing.
It’s obvious that the Myki-people got an IT person to test the website and machines, rather than use real people. …. Whoops! Sorry Daniel!

At least you received your card in reasonable time (I presume … I could be wrong!!) Although I do not use Myki as I get catch a tram home for part of my trip home from work, I thought I’d sign up for the free card promo at the start of the year to save the 10 dollar cost or whatever it was.

The free card period came and went as did the following weeks and months with no response … then suddenly out of the blue my Myki card showed up in the mail in the last week of March! Better late than never I guess!!!

I reckon it’s not keeping correct track of transactions on my card. I’ve checked the transaction history and the balance is going down too fast for the number of trips I’ve made. I suspect that there are times when it tells me it has scanned off successfully, but it doesn’t record it properly in the database and I end up being charged a zone 1+2 fare instead of just a zone 2 fare, or a daily instead of a 2-hour. I’ve only used it a few times so I can remember all of them and it’s definitely getting it wrong.

Personally, I haven’t used the site for about a month. I have never topped up my Myki online. I use Myki on an occasional basis for zone 2 trains on weekdays (I have a monthly zone 1 Metcard) and I haven’t had any problems with using myki. The site, on the other hand, never seems to not have problems so I’ve given up on it and only check it occasionally.

That last option, under Card Utilities, should read :-)

Replace damaged or defective myki system

@Philip, what do the blue machines tell you? Hint: use a bit of blu-tak to hold the card to the blue machine, then write all the details on a clipboard (including the last 10 transactions).

“It’s obvious that the Myki-people got an IT person to test the website and machines, rather than use real people. ….”

I think they must have gotten a very stupid IT person who had never used a website or caught a train or tram before to test it. It really is pathetic.

I’ve experience the same thing as Daniel. The annoying thing is, it WAS showing the correct date for my previous pass… but they’ve obviously made a change and now it’s not! Kind of scary that they are actually removing functionality, even if it’s something relatively minor.

I’ve had problems with the site too – I forgot my password and went through the procedures to reset it. All very well, but every time I tried to change from the password they sent me were completely unsuccessful.

I phoned them – the person I spoke to was very helpful and said my problem would be flagged. That was a couple of weeks ago and I have heard nothing since.

So I just don’t go near the website – I use the machine on the station which works fine.

I’ll try what you said Kiwi Nick. I didn’t think to check the station reader logs against the web site.

At the moment I’d have more respect if the website said

Current myki pass (active): 33 days zone 1. Valid to 1273856400

For those who are puzzled, most Unix systems keep time in seconds since 1-Jan-1970 00:00 UTC, and the number above is 14 May 2010 17:00 UTC, or 15 May 2010 03:00 AEST.

The only way I’m using mine is with cash top-ups, and then I tend to only use it on Sundays (it is quicker and easier to use a 10 x 2 hr metcard at other times). In my experience the net-based Myki system is always out of date or simply wrong, and internet tops-ups don’t work quickly or reliably.

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