A drive in the country

It was a lovely day for a drive up to Nagambie (and beyond), apart from the cruise control oddly deciding not to work. Sigh.

But off the beaten track we encountered a swarm of grasshoppers. The grasshoppers came off second best. Ewww.

Car 1, grasshoppers nil

By Daniel Bowen

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After you pick/clean the bugs off of your grill don’t forget to open your hood/bonnet and clean off your radiator too. You are sure to find a few stuck in there. In Florida some people buy special screens to cover their grill to keep the bugs out of the radiator. People also sometimes strap vinyl covers or “bras” over the front of their cars to protect them from bugs. I have not seen a “bra” on a car in Australia yet. I killed a few bugs with my car too today on my first trip to see Organ Pipes park and Hanging Rock park. Hanging Rock was surprisingly much more beautiful and interesting than I thought it would be.

I have been to nagambie a few years ago and it is so beautiful but the flies going all over the food wasnt which forced my family in a house shelter. I love the country but the bushfires insects and shoping unlokally and no rail is a bore.

I was out at Wagga Wagga on the weekend, and the hoppers/locusts were everywhere. I saw some preparing to swarm – a wide rotating column of insects flying upwards. There were huge flocks of swifts/swallows about as well, obviously having a good time on all the food.

Make sure you wash what is left of them off your paint ASAP. Otherwise the “guts” can eat through the wax and clearcoat and down to the paint layer. No big deal but use a real car wash soap mix (green ones are available now) and not dishwashing soap.

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