January’s train

I got to have a short ride in the new X’Trapolis train introduced into service today. The government calls it “Train 2”, however the journos prefer call it after the month it was meant to be in service, eg “The January train”.

For all the consternation about a reduction in seats, seeing it in the flesh confirms my view that the design is okay. Basically there are no 3-in-a-row seats (which often go to waste as few people want to sit in the middle), and a wider aisle. There’s also a lot more straps to hold onto along the aisle — which surely should be a priority for an upgrade to the rest of the current fleet.

New ("January") train

The scrolling displays are higher resolution, as are the external destination indicators, making them much clearer and more readable than on the older X’Trapolis trains.

One other difference is the wheelchair ramps are secured in the passenger doorways, like in a Siemens train.

This is the second train of 38 in the current batch. Because of the delays in getting these trains into service, it’s got a lot of media interest.

Channel 7 interviewing passengers on the new train

See tonight’s channel 7 or 9 news to find out got said in the vox pops.

Update 5:50pm. Apparently this afternoon it broke down at Glen Waverley. Metro Trains said in a Tweet: the new train ran back-2-back services over 8 1/2 hours & dev’d a fault at GW. It’s having a full exam and necessary repairs.

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Should it be itrain 2.0? :D

I saw it going out towards Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein, and then later I actually caught it on the way in. All seems very nice and spacious, and smells very new. I doubt that will last ;)

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