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The Loud list

At work I have a “Loud” play list, for when things are noisy in the office and I need to concentrate on something.

Loudness helps, but an all-encompassing sound is even better for when I need to drown out other noise.

Most artists in my collection have at least a few loud songs, but some which have more than others and are more prominent on the list, such as:

The Living End
Led Zeppelin
Spiderbait, obviously
Hoodoo Gurus, especially their live album
Ocean Colour Scene
Green Day

Who else would be good?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Them Crooked Vultures (saw them play on Friday night and they were awesome! And loud!)
You Am I
…to name but a few in my itunes.

Do they have to be rock? What about classical? Benjamin Britten’s ‘4 Sea Interludes’ from Peter Grimes is what I play when really angry and need LOUD crashy music. There’s stacks of extremely loud, angry classical music (it always mystefies me when people say they listen to classical music to relax….)
Otherwise, Alanis Morisette /Jagged Little Pill, The Smiths /The Queen Is Dead?

Offices are so counter productive when it comes to actually getting work done!

Work from home like me so you don’t have much of a carbon footprint and can choose to play nothing, a quiet set, or loud as you see fit. Your ears shouldn’t be punished by your cow-orkers.

Some good suggestions, thanks all! Definitely You Am I — surprised I didn’t think of that since there’s some in my collection already.

Niki, classical is a possibility, though the other desirable thing is that it’s music that is already familiar to me, so it doesn’t distract too much from work.

KISS! How can you neglect ‘The Hottest Band in the World’! Seen them 3 times in recent years, and damn near lost my hearing everytime! AC/DC (I’m going to see them in a few weeks!!!) has already been mentioned! Iron Maiden is another great metal band! Iced Earth have a historical bent with their songs! But the loudest, according to them, is Manowar:
Big fan of all those bands- KISS my all-time favourite, Iron Maiden have some classic metal! Iced Earth’s songs are a great way to learn a bit of history, especially ‘Gettysburg 1863’! Manowar rely heavily on mythology! AC/DC- no explanation necessary!

Vintage Van Halen & Rose Tattoo, David Lee Roth early years. Try it. Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana. To get me motivated it could be anything but more house type music.

Noise Canceling Headphones.

They are life-changing things. No longer do you need to DROWN OUT your workplace with loud music. You put a pair of these on and all the low frequency stuff just disappears. Then you play music -softly- and it completely obliterates the rest of the office.

I have a problem cow-orker who is very loud and shrill and constantly talking. I’ve borrowed a friends set of Bose Quietcomfort (old original model) and they are superb. You can get Sennheiser or other brands which are significantly cheaper than the $AU499 Bose Quietcomfort 15s (like, about $200 or so).

There are many reviews of various Noise Canceling headphones on Amazon or around the place, and there is an online shop in australia that has better prices than JB Hi-FI.

I’ve opted for a set of QuietComfort 15s, I’m ‘grey importing’ from the US (where they are $US300). I am eagerly awaiting them, but the report from the ‘test drive’ from my living-in-america friend was -spectacularly- effective.

Truly, I was not at all impressed when I read about these things, but they really do work excellently, and now I’m a fanatic about them.

Invest in a $200 pair of Sennheisers, or get an American person to get the Bose offering. I cannot recommend these highly enough.


Music Suggestions:

Crowded House
Bowling for Soup (a recent find for me, they’re great)
Pink Floyd (Pulse, Wish you were Here, Division Bell, Momentary Lapse of Reason)
Roxette (they are really good in my humble opinion)

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