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The poem and the foot

I spotted this in November on a train. Read both of the poems, was mildly amused, then noticed the second one had been written by someone I know. (Well, admittedly have only met once or twice, years ago, but you know…)

Moving Melbourne through art

Posting it today as I saw on Twitter this morning that he had to go into hospital with a foot injury. Hope it heals quickly.

By Daniel Bowen

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He’s okay. Got home around 4:15am. Being a dutiful wife, I waited up for him. It’s NOT that I was geeking around on the net and used that as an excuse, you understand. It took so long because, apparently, last night everyone in the Eastern Suburbs decided it was the night to crack their heads, and there were eight head injuries in the time he was there. So, I dunno, something in the water. Or the beer. One of the head injuries apparently had a blood alcohol level of 2.x. Yikes.

But, yes, he’s fine. Just a little pathetic, but then again, what else is new? ;)

Damn, I can’t do anything in this Internet without someone commenting on it.

Having had three poems posted on trains now, I’m constantly surprised by which ones they pick. I usually submit three, and they usually pick the most “throw away” one. I highly recommend giving it a go, though. You get a copy of the poster and $50.

Oh, and hi, Rob!

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