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Advertising – it’s part of the plan

Massive billboards to remind us about how great the government is? It’s part of the plan.

Big billboards - it's part of the plan

That’s Richmond Station; there’s others at South Yarra and Malvern and no doubt elsewhere.

Mind you, the first of the new trains apparently hasn’t actually made it into service yet.

It’s a bit like Myki. Lucky they’re not putting up lots of billboards for that… What? Oh. D’oh!

New Myki advertising on stations

PS. Previously:

PPS. The photo on page 4 of today’s MX may look quite familiar.

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Advertising – it’s part of the plan”

One of those New Trains billboards has been put up at Hawthorn Station. I’ll take a photo of it in a few days when it gets vandalised (nice big empty canvas for the vandals to work with).

Moving billboards would be nice – on the shiny, new trains!

Why advertise that they haven’t delivered – only makes us frustrated!

And using advertising space that to be sold to paying customers is daft, there could be ads for cars there, for example!

However, I am not against MetroTrains having advertising on platforms or in carriages, would be another stream of income, but government advertising in the lead up to an election is dodgy at best.

They’ve started putting signs on trains too. Yesterday I boarded a train exclaiming “Our 100th VLocity carriage.” Followed by, you guessed it… “It’s part of the plan.”

I noticed on the train home this afternoon at Camberwell they had a similarly large billboard. And there was a Hitachi parked in the siding next to it. I felt so tempted to take a photo but I didn’t!

@Norman – pretty sure the gov’t paid to use the space as it’s a privately owned space…

So they’re using our money to advertise things that haven’t arrived, that we are paying for…

I saw on the Victorian Public Transport plan commercial that there will be 120 new trains and trams. I have a question for you Daniel Bowen. Does that mean that all the new trains will be x trapolis trains? because I live at Craigieburn and x trapolis trains wont operate on the craigieburn line and there arent enough siemens trains and I dont get to use them lot when I go to school. Will there also be new siemens trains?

In addition to the train station billboards you’ll find a large backlit one over the entrance to the Coles carpark at Chadstone of all places!!
(and yes it IS advertising new trains on the way …)

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