Myki: Good news and bad news

The good news is it appears they’ve sped up the response time on the Myki scanners.

Looks to be about half-a-second, heaps better than the speed in Bendigo last month. If all the scans are that quick, it should allay fears of long delays due to scanning. (Though getting off trams will still be a concern.)

The bad news is that I couldn’t get the Change Of Mind function to work. If you touch your card at a station more than 30 seconds, but less than 15 minutes after touching on, it’s meant to assume that you’ve changed your mind and are not catching a train.

That subsequent scan (after the video was finished) didn’t work for me. It touched me off instead, and proudly proclaimed that it had taken $2.94 for my troubles. Oh well.

No I don’t expect a refund; that’s what happens when you muck about with a Real Card during the test period. But hopefully it’ll be fixed — I’ve passed some feedback along.

By Daniel Bowen

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Wow, much faster than another video I saw, though that one was on a Tram so they may be different?

My monthly metcard ran out yesterday. I’ve switched to buying weeklies in the hope I’ll have a myki sooner rather than later.

The vending machine at my station now has a huge sticker on it saying that you can use it to top up myki money or myki pass.

Jean Ker (whatever her name is) Mykispokesperson was on Red Symons this morning doing a very lightweight interview, which announced that all registered seniors will get a free Myki sent to them. Good news for them I guess as getting one otherwise may have been painful.

I reckon the 15 November rumour is looking shaky right now. I see blue-shirted Myki Mates here and there but they’re not making any promises. One told me yesterday it will be ‘the next few months’. And the web site still says nothing useful. I assume they’ll wait until it’s turned on, then activate the site and have everyone try to buy cards at the same time so it will crash.

They’ve consistently said “by the end of the year”, so it’ll be a big embarrassment if they don’t make that. But yeah, Nov 15th would appear to be too soon.

Realistically I don’t know how many people will be like Nathan (and myself) and want to jump in head-first as soon as they can. Some will, but I suspect many will just wait until it’s available over-the-counter or from the machines in their local area.

Like I said on twitter today, the myki mate said,
‘whenever the minister for transport announces it’, it could be in a few weeks or it could be in a few months.

Nov 15 is definitely off the cards, its been pushed back.
But still expect it by the end of the year.
Though I can say from my experience off scanning on and off within 15 mins that it counted as a change of mind (train station)

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