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My name’s really Daniel, but if you like you can call me Bruce.

More fun with Google translations of a Chinese media article:

Victorian government has not yet determined when to start full operation ultra-budget Myki ticketing system, it was originally promised in 2007 and spent 130 million on the operation of the system, will begin before Christmas on buses, trains and trams on the use of .

Myki ticketing system, a spokesman for Wal-Mart (Jean Ker Walsh) told reporters Tuesday that if the passengers forget that credit card, they will pay the Myki ticketing system to automatically set the fare. She added that the system will save commuters a lot of transportation costs, and believe that it soon will Myki ticketing system handy.

Public Transport Users Association president Bruce Bowen (Daniel Bowen) that are subject to credit card on the off, especially in the trams, the traffic peak period may be extended travel time, will inevitably increase the tram and bus delays.

Australia, Victoria’s controversial e-ticketing system — Epoch Times

Apart from the obvious stuff with the translation back to English mixing-up names and affiliations, I also like the way they appear to have got the cost of the system wrong by a factor of ten.

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