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Lasoo’s iPhone application

My blog’s sponsor Lasoo, which provides online catalogues and price comparisons, now has an iPhone application.

The media and marketing blog Mumbrella writes: Until you think about its significance, it’s easy enough to dismiss it as just another app. But what it does is bring much closer for consumers the economic concept of the “perfect market” – where there’s total pricing and availability transparency.


Meanwhile for people like me who are iPhoneless, there is the mobile version of Lasoo.

At some stage I’ll be replacing my camera (which is starting to play up, but is not quite dead yet); Lasoo is excellent for comparing prices on this type of thing. It’s also handy for a look at many of the latest catalogues (particularly for people like me who deliberately get No Junk Mail).

By Daniel Bowen

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The concept of a catalogue is really low-tech. Prices can vary much more quickly than the catalogue turn-around time. It welcome the time when we stop using paper products to advertise.

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