Melbourne’s streets

Always interesting to hear the view from an outsider.

Melbourne: A Pedestrian Paradise from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

I don’t think I disagree with any of the praises given, and there’s some interesting comments from Robert Adams and others about some fairly subtle design features that have gone into the streetscapes, such as the City Council being more interested in the presence of a footpath flower seller at night (to add to safety) than the rent he pays.

But just note that this is central Melbourne. Middle and outer suburban Melbourne is quite different. Some parts are the antithesis of what you see here.

At 2:30 in the background you’ll note a feature of Melbourne’s streets that they don’t mention — Charity Muggers.

By Daniel Bowen

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It made me feel quite proud of Melbourne and feel quite lucky to live here :) Sydney has the sun and the harbour but it’s really an empty shell, and I don’t think they’ll ever quite understand the difference.

That, Jon, puts it *very* well indeed, in my view.

Sydney’s setting is stunning beyond words but few places on Earth have ever given me more pleasure than being in Melbourne (and I’ve travelled a *lot*).

I’d wanted to go for years and feared it might not quite reach the bar I’d set for it but it exceeded it and I count the days until I return.

Whenever I say this to Sydneysiders, I get very odd looks for some reason.

Swanston Street, where cars are banned….except for service vehicles, buses, taxis, bicycles and trams.

Oh, and pedestrians.

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