Cool wheels

Very cool. It’s like the Cadillac of bikes. Just the thing for a spin down to the beach.

Cool wheels

By Daniel Bowen

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apparently there are Rules regarding the wheel base of bicycles – some of these low rider bikes aren’t, technically … which has me wondering why/how recumbent bicycles are legal if these aren’t …

What a dream! When I get a job close enough to home so that I can cycle, I’m selling the car (one of them anyway) and getting an “Electra”. Gorgeous bikes.

Though the wheelbase looks a bit long to take on the train, unless it’s an illusion. Nevertheless it would still be better than boarding with 3-wheel inline bikes (not unknown), something that commonsense should eschew, preferably without law.

And what are the rules regarding front wheels, white lines and traffic lights? Is being so far forward a breach?

Isn’t a 3-wheel bike actually a trike? I suspect the regulations are silent on these.

He’s over the stop line, but nowhere near as badly as you see some car drivers, who will happily park right over the entire ped crossing.

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