Travelling dream

Strange dream last night, with a surprising amount of detail.

Marita and I were travelling in Scotland. After visiting a remote village, we had to climb by a kind of rope-ladder thing back up to the railway station (which was on a very high metal bridge).

After getting on the train, it continued towards the Fourth Bridge, which someone remarked was named after Charles the Fourth, but that it only opened 26 years after his death.

Except of course in real life there has been no Charles the Fourth (at least in Britain), it’s actually the Forth Bridge and it’s named after the body of water it crosses: the Firth of Forth.

Later on we were in London with Isaac and Jeremy as well. A policeman was handing out cards of a wanted football (soccer) player, who was apparently expected to flee to the USA, as he had a US passport and citizenship. At this point I knew fully well I was in a dream, but seemed to be happy to go with it.

By Daniel Bowen

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Isn’t it strange how dreams sometimes have such detail in them? I often dream of being in a high place and being terrified of being so high. Always wake myself up after those – I think it’s anxiety that leads me to dream of that circumstance.

I’d wonder if the Pancake Place and the food you ate didn’t lead to the dream? Who knows, really, where they come from – dredged up from the subconscious.

Perhaps! With that “maple flavoured” syrup – that’d be enough to give you nightmares you’d think! ;) We get maple flavoured syrup here too – but I try to buy the real stuff – 100% pure maple syrup, if I can. Nothing can beat the taste of it from a factory, for sure.

LOL at being able to read the menu online. Very much a sign of the times we now live in.

You have had one of those parallel world dreams. (Fascinating aren’t they?) Where all seems normal for the duration of the dream (you are at home in this world), but when you wake up you realise the place was very different from home.

I’ve had casual speculations that when we have these dreams we are actually entering the everyday waking life of an alternative version of yourself.

(But then I miss the early seasons of “Sliders.)


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