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Woke up this morning

Woke up this morning to the sound of a helicopter hovering nearby.

Helicopter hovering over the burbs

It quickly became apparent something serious was going on: just before 2am a car travelling at high speed along Centre Road (the main road nearest to me) had smashed into several shops, killing the driver.

From the pictures from the scene the shops damaged include my favourite bagel shop, Glicks, and those around it.

It was Isaac that pointed out that the bakeries in the area (at least three, including Glicks) might well have had bakers working at the time. Luckily in Glicks at least the kitchens are well back from the street.

Given the speed — 160 km/h in a 60 zone, and I’m betting he wasn’t overly-cautious about stopping for red lights — I think we can be thankful that the driver didn’t take anybody else with him.

Updated 9:30pm Added helicopter picture.

Update Saturday Picture showing the damaged shops:
Bentleigh aftermath

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9 replies on “Woke up this morning”

Can’t say I have an awful lot of sympathy for him. He might not have taken anyone with him but I’m sure his actions have more than caused a disruption to the damaged shops – I know the family that runs the jewellers, I feel more sorry for them.

I heard about this right away this morning because I work for Glick’s in Balaclava. Our upstairs kitchen and bakery in Balaclava supply the cakes, salads, fish, pastries, and other foods to this damaged bakery and the other Glick’s locations. Only the bagels and challahs are actually baked at the store. Thankfully nobody was in the bakery at the time but it did receive quite a bit of damage from what I have heard so far.

People underestimate the roads and how dangerous they can be. Turns out he was being chased by the police until they called it off due to the danger of it. And then a policewoman’s arm was broken because she tried to restrain the family of the deceased. I think a thought should be spared for not only the driver, but the police who have to deal with this day in day out.

I know the family at the jewellers too. When the kids were little I shopped at the greengrocers every week and they watched my kids grow up.

All kudos to the police who did all they possibly could.

I know you’re probably just trolling, but how about you justify that claim with even a tiny bit of evidence?

Given the claim (not disputed by anybody) that car was already speeding at well over the limit when it initially passed police, and (again, undisputed) the police say they’d abandoned the pursuit well before it crashed, it seems to me the police had little or nothing to do with the outcome.

Congrats to the Police – obviously had excellent judgement in this case!

they get such a hard time and not paid enough for it!

Aww man, Glicks got damaged?! That kid deserved to die. Bagels aside, seriously, one less bit of polution in the gene pool. I know that’s cold but, meh. Don’t care. If you speed up a road like Centre Road, you’re not a bright spark.

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