Sometimes I can mess up the simplest things.


By Daniel Bowen

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So long as they fit, I don’t really worry about which sock belongs on which foot. That said, I can’t really tell which is which, anyway – I only have black socks and I just chuck them in my drawer without pairing them up beforehand.

Socks are not gloves or shoes. Most if not all don’t don’t have a right or a left side. Perhaps the R and L are ment to be cute and not actually indicate a proper side to be worn on. When I was a kid my mom once caught me with my shoes on the wrong feet. I really did not care because I was young at the time. I can also remember being quite young (mabye 6) changing clothes after swimming at day camp and having the teenage counselor laugh and tell the other counselor “look, he (me) put his underwear on inside out and backwards!”.

Jed, isn’t that how you get undies to last 4 days without a wash? Forwards, backwards, inside out forwards, inside out backwards!

Until the 1800s there were no ‘left’ or ‘right’ shoes either. They were all just made roughly foot-shaped.

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