Doctor Who Memes rule, pass it on

Doctor Who birthdate game

Just a game I thought of: what Doctor Who episode aired on or closest to your birthday?

Check this list to find out.

(I guess those born before 1963 or in the 90s will probably gravitate to one of two episodes…)

Me: Inferno, episode 7 (third Doctor, 1970). This was a classic slow burn story (excuse the pun) and episode 7 included the resolution from one of my favourite cliffhangers ever.

If I had the time, I’d whip up an applet to do the hard work for you, but I don’t, sorry.

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Rae, Curse of Peladon was pretty good. Lots of aliens (including Alpha-Centauri, the big eyeball) and a plot inspired by Britain’s entry into the EEC/EU.

Responses on Facebook:

Polly: Heh, I get Revenge of the Cybermen.

Deb: Pity, I’m too old, at 1961 for my birthday year.

The Time Monster, ep 6 … strangely, the episode description for this reminds me more of some of The Tomorrow People episodes …

Also The Daemons, though I was born in August 71. Personally I was hoping for Carnival of Monsters. I think that’s the first Who Story I can honestly remember, and I just loved it.

For me, season 9, number 63, The Mutants.

I honestly had no idea Dr Who was going even before I was born. I used to watch it with my dad when I was little and some of the episodes freaked me out. Particularly the one with the weird slater bug type creature that attacked people by launching itself at their necks.

Hmm. Deja vu. I think we’ve had that conversation about the Dr Who episode that scared me before. LOL! :-D

And tonight, I think I’ll check to see if my local DVD rental place has any of the new Dr Who series available. *grin*

The “Reign of Terror” episode “A Change of Identity” went out on the very day that I was born.

To refine this a bit, location filming for the cross London chase scenes in “The Dalek Invasion of Earth” were done in the early morning of the day after I was born.

As for the first episode I remember, well…….

I have memories of Patrick Troughton, especially bits from “The Invasion” but the first **story** I can clearly remember was “Spearhead from Space”.

And I feel very old reading all your replies!

Ooh, can we PLEASE have Alpha Centauri back in the new series. She was my favourite alien ever, though I didn’t realise at the time how incredibly Camp she was.

I’m an “Inferno” baby too, although I’m struggling to recall that episode.

What I’m wondering, is what was on telly 9 mths earlier that was so boring?

Revenge of the mother-fsckin’ Cybermen. Best Birthday Present Ever! Man, they were creepy. Their little tear features on their helmets was part Egyptian symbology, part Sinister Victorian Gentleman’s Monocle, all bad.

Nathan: Alpha Centauri got hit hard by the GEC, she’s working in Hospitality these days …

Great tweet too :D

Mine is the Tomb of the Cyberman, Season 5

so many dr who memories

I have 2 favourite doctors , can’t say I’ve watched recent dr who, afraid it mightn’t compare to dr who back then …… and I’ll keep my then dr who memories…

also loved the fact that the first few times watching david tennant in harry potter that I missed that he was a dr too!

The day after the world was introduced to me, it was introduced to the greatest enemy the Doctor ever had. Yes, I’m talking about the Master’s first appearance in the Terror of the Autons story that featured the plastic-animating Nestene that would come back thirty years later to give a hard time to Rose Tyler and the plastics industry, this time without the Master’s assistance. As it happens, the Terror of the Autons was also a first episode for a new female assistant – Jo Grant. Who remembers Jo? Hands up.

I have to say that reading the plot makes me remember again how hockey the old series was. You do have to love Pertwee’s shirts, though!

The Space Pirates
(Patrick Troughton) with Frazer & Zoe – it sounds like a fun “space opera” of the era – a shame there isn’t a full copy around.

I’m a day (and a good few years) off “Death Comes to Time”. I am so incredibly unsurprised.

@Robert: Oh, it sounds like fun. It’s mostly terrible, though. For instance, Gordon Gostelow, who plays Milo Clancey, was allowed to write a lot of his own lines, resulting in such great lines as “Rubbishy new-fangled solar toasters!” :-/

I’m [i]Inferno[/i] as well, I didn’t realise your birthdate was so close to mine!

or perhaps I did know this sometime in the early 1990’s :)

Having been born years before Dr Who was even thought of, I took a different approach to that of tediously choosing the very first episode ever. I decided to find an episode that aired closest to an anniversary of my birth and, lo and behold, I got the first episode of “The Keeper of Traken”, 31-Jan-1981, the day I turned 34!

And yes, that *does* make me an old bugger.

Season 18, no. 108, “The Leisure Hive” episode 1.

(birthdate – 27th August, 1980)

I’ve never seen that episode.

Taking a similar approach to Noel G above, since I was born before the first braodcast episode, I’ve taken the first one to actually be broadcast (in the UK at least) on an actual anniversary – when I was 10 Episode 3 of Underwtaer Menace was being broadcast.

It would be interesting to find a list of the equivalent Australian broadcast dates – but I know its a little more complicated because it was not a truely national network back then – different cities had different braodcast dates.

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