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Why is Westpac bank turning into my mother? Do they really expect to get more customers like this?

Westpac advert

Great quote:

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
Robert J. Hanlon

Star Trek: all creeds and colours of humanity, in a spirit of co-operation and harmony, working together at hating the Romulans.

This trailer for the movie Knowing… doesn’t really make me want to see it, but if the train carriages look familiar to Melburnians, that would be because it was filmed here, and they used old Melbourne Hitachi carriages for filming, though apparently the subway scene is set in New York City.


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RE: Knowing, we had free tickets and a babysitter and it was the only film on. Was pretty good, but the ending really let it down. Loved seeing the Melbourne shots throughout the film that were made to look “American”. I think that was the highlight for me!

Thought it was the most predictable movie I had seen in a long time but maybe I’m just getting more jaded the older I get.

It was fun watching knowing just to see what bits were filmed in Melbourne. One second they’d be standing in Melbourne, the next they’d be standing on location somewhere in the US, it was quite strange. They digitally altered all the car “number” plates into “licence” plates, except for one in a traffic jam scene towards the back of the shot, which proudly stated “Victoria – the place to be”.

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