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Pure and utter coincidence

Listening to Radio National (The Music Show I think) and they mention a couple of people my Dad knows (or knew) well, and talks about often — David Malouf and Barry Jones. A couple of minutes later my sister rings up to discuss visiting Dad. Pure coincidence.

Watching Billy Connolly’s Journey to the Edge of the World on Channel 7, and he visits and talks about the Klondike, in particular the gold rush in 1896. Just after that we’re watching a repeat of The Einstein Factor on ABC2 and a question is asked about where the gold rush in Canada occurred in 1896. Pure coincidence.

In the car listening to a track off the Cold Chisel tribute album Standing on the Outside, when another car goes past with a personalised licence plate, something like CHISEI. I guess CHISEL was taken. Pure coincidence — assuming it really was meant to be “Chisel”. And they may have been woodworkers rather than Cold Chisel fans, of course.

By Daniel Bowen

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