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Computer: I like it when computers reach the point at which a good upgrade is cheap, quick and cheerful. In this case on my two-year-old box, tripling the RAM cost me $45, tripling the hard disk space cost $130. And as the new disk is faster than the old one, I’ll take the opportunity to re-install everything onto it, and clear out its sinuses in the process. … Would have helped if I’d bought the correct hard disk cable, of course.

Cluster headaches: They came back for autumn, but the medication has pretty much got them under control.

Solar hot water: It’s been a year since I got solar hot water installed. From a user point of view, there’s absolutely no difference. By the time it reaches you at the tap, it’s just hot water. I’d love to tell you it made a clear and noticeable difference to the gas bills, but looking through them, I’m not seeing it, in part because water, heating, and cooking is all tied up in there, and also apparently (at least according to some BOM figures I cast my untrained eye over), 2008 was slightly colder than 2007.

The toe: It’s healing. Most of the swelling has gone, but it’s still a little uncomfortable to walk in shoes.

Star Trek: Booked for Sunday in Gold Class. Looking forward to this.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

6 replies on “Brief things”

Yep- can’t wait for Star Trek to come out! To think, it has been 4 years since Enterprise ended! Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait! It may actually help me forget Nemesis! Hope you enjoy it too!

I had a surplus Windows licence, and used that. I like Linux, and the idea of Linux, but don’t have the time nor expertise to be able to effectively manage it.

Daniel – what meds are you one for cluster headaches? I haven’t had an episode for about 3 years touch wood (they seem to come in waves of 3 or 4 years for me, but then stay for 6 months – 12 to 15 a day for 6 months straight…) I do enjoy so much the ability to sleep for no more than 45 minutes before being woken by a headache that makes me want to die!

I have tried most meds we can get in Australia I think – would love to try some of the stuff they get in the States!

If you haven’t seen it yet – have a look at – it is no lie to say that this website saved my life – when I thought I was going to seriously top myself from these things! I completely understand why some people (doctors mainly!) call them suicide headaches…

It’s called Veracaps SR… this page appears to list the other brand names it’s sold as.

Obviously it may or may not work effectively for different people.

Yeah it’s a bit like waiting for the next earthquake, isn’t it.

I have had a brief look around that web site. It told me that many people have them worse than I do.

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