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On the 82

This is how it was told to me. Can’t say I’ve seen anything like this myself.

The tram was departing Footscray from the terminus, close to the market.

A passenger got on board, with two live chickens from the market.

“Mate”, said the tram driver, “you can’t bring live animals on the tram!”

“Oh. Okay”, replied the passenger. And, apparently eager to comply, he broke their necks.

The tram driver decided at that point that he’d just drive the tram.

Tram 82 at Footscray

By Daniel Bowen

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I thought you actually could take dogs on trams, as long as they were on a lead (and you cleaned up any mess!). I know you can definitely take them on trains with a lead. Maybe it doesn’t apply to chickens? :)

The 82 attracts a fairly eccentric crowd compared to most tram routes. It’s also the only route that is not patrolled by Authorised Officers – apparently they refuse to go there.

Doesn’t sound unbelievable for the route/area, but why would anywhere be selling *live* chooks in the Footscray Market?

They sell all sorts of stuff at the Footscray Market, and I’d be surprised if live chickens weren’t there somewhere. (Do they still sell them at the Vic Market on some days?)

Everything that is old is new again….

My father use to tell me this story however it was set in the late 60’s, it was at the Queen Victoria Market and it was a conductor who tells an old Italian woman that she cant bring chickens onto the West Coburg tram.

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