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Down in the subway

Here’s something for those that read the article Rudd’s nephew clashes with Connex in the Sunday Age this morning online, without the benefit of the photos in the paper edition.

Unlike Jen I’m a frequent user of the Degraves St Subway/Campbell Arcade, the quick non-traffic-lighted way out of Flinders Street Station.

The Platform group displays visual art in the arcade.

Here’s what one cabinet had on Monday… and how it looked a couple of days later.

Degraves St subway art Degraves St artwork censored

Is what the artist claims true? No idea. It’s the very fact that his words (printed in Connex-like print) were censored that I find fascinating.

Van Thanh Rudd, the PM’s nephew, is no stranger to controversy, with a Banksy-esque work last year being rejected by Melbourne City Council for an exhibition.

According to the Sunday Age article, the work is back on display in the Campbell Arcade.

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3 replies on “Down in the subway”

Talk about vested interests…

I say leave the art there; it’s a solemn reminder and test of our moral hindsight and perhaps a challenge to the dyed-in-the-wool Zionists who are known equally for their propaganda wars (through blogging, ironically).

Interesting. I walked past (and noticed) that piece several times and didn’t think anything of it!

At least there is something in the cabinets now – they were empty for a couple of weeks.

Not empty, “Somebody”, they were black and I think that was actually meant to be art believe it or not.

I remember late last year there was another piece which was a grid of full frontal photos of a rather fit young man with all the different shots having him in various masks (so he was completely unidentifiable). This piece was also pulled because it could possibly offend people (apparently even though half the planet has a penis we don’t want to see them un-necessarily). They even had a group meeting to discuss the work (sadly I couldn’t attend but I’m sure it was entertaining).

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