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Free at lunchtime?

Free at lunchtime and not too far from Parliament House?

Join the protest

WHAT: Stop the Brumby Government riding roughshod over our rights.
WHEN: Tuesday 3rd February Arriving at 11.30 am. Speakers begin at Midday.
WHERE: Parliament House, Bourke + Spring Sts, Melbourne.
WHY: Bring back democracy.

A joint protest on water, climate change and public transport for the opening of parliament.

If it doesn’t put you off, they’ll be handing me the loud hailer for a few minutes.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Good luck Daniel, sadly I won’t attend as I’m at home with conjunctivitis, it’s just lovely. But I predict there’ll be a bunch of people holding those Greens Triangles, and possibly even the John Howard head will make an appearance even though he’s no longer relevant. Is there a Rudd Head now?

One wonders whether we’re living in 21st Century Melbourne, or some shanty town in Africa- a few days of over 40C weather, and the entire city falls apart! Rail services cancelled, rolling blackouts, dwindling water supplies- what else have I missed? Not so great for the “World’s Most Liveable City”, that papers and radio station keep prattling on about! It is only now that people are starting to see the folly in voting in the Bracks/Brumby government! 10 years they have had to address the problem of dwindling water, and what have they done? Nothing, not a thing in the slightest! No, sorry, they’ve told us to save water- that’ll do the trick! Never mind the increasing population! And the desalination plant, if it ever gets built, may be too little too late, now that we are in desperate need of it! Mind you, all those people opposed to dams, don’t blame them for the lack of water- Bracks/Brumby are merely trying to placate your crowd! Like them or not, dams are vital to our state’s water supply! Imagine in the same thought had been around 30 years ago- the Thompson Dam wouldn’t have been built, and we’d have even less water today than we already have!
And why the massive failure of the PT system, particularly trains? Didn’t seem to have these problems 30-40 years ago! And there should be no reason for lacking electricity- once again, the government have been negligent in maintaining an adequate supply of power! And for those of you who oppose coal-fired power plants, and think we can depend on wind and solar alone, you’re fooled! Those technologies are not efficient enough to provide our state with the power it needs. There is an alternative to coal, which provides clean, cheap power- nuclear energy! If France can have 80% nuclear power without any accidents, surely the nation with 40% of the world’s uranium reserves can!
Good on people for protesting this government’s lack of action on every aspect of our state’s infrastructure. There is another way to protest- a more effective way. Mind you, you will have to wait about a year and half for it though- make it count!

Re your Twitter message about spurious noises on SBS ads. Yes I’m getting them as well, so do not adjust your television receiver.

Andrew V. My Foxtel and Bigpong cable internet was knocked out for two and a half days as well during the warm weather.

News from the Greenpeace blogsite:

“300 climate campaigners agreed by consensus to three campaign objectives for 2009:

1. Prevent the carbon pollution reduction scheme from becoming law.
2. Build a community-wide action to demand green jobs, a just transition and 100% renewable energy by 2020.
3. Build community support for a goal of stabilisation at 300ppm CO2 and strong international agreement in line with what science and global justice demands. Communicate this position to the Copenhagen Conference of Parties and advocate for the Australian government to adopt this position.

Yeah, there was a bunch of climate change protests today, separate to the thing I was at, which was really about democracy, and the govt not paying heed to voters’ wishes.

TV media mostly did brief mentions, thanks to Rudd’s stimulus package, the interest rate cut, and the return of Theophanous to parliament.

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