Uh oh

The forecast for Melbourne:

  • Tuesday: Sunny day. Max 38
  • Wednesday: Sunny. Min 25 Max 41
  • Thursday: Sunny. Min 26 Max 40
  • Friday: Sunny. Min 24 Max 40
  • Saturday: Sunny. Min 24 Max 40

Thankfully it looks like a cool change will come through on Sunday, but it’s times like these I wish I could hibernate in a cave somewhere.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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24 replies on “Uh oh”

I believe the record for Melbourne of a single day was 45.6°C (114°F) back in 1939 during the Black Friday bushfires. Sydney and Adelaide reached their records during ther same period

Yeah it’s not so much the temperatures to be reached, which aren’t atypical for a Melbourne summer; it’s that it’ll be five days in a row with this kind of heat. The Age notes it’s the longest hot spell since 1908.

Working in Adelaide on a project at the moment and for this week we have a similar hot spell:
Today 41°
Wednesday 25°/41°
Thursday 27°/41°
Friday 23°/39° (Cooling off!)
Saturday 23°/35°
Dry and sunny throughout

Of course they had over two weeks last year over 35° We had a cooler than average December, so I guess we’re sort of making up for it now.
It is actually 40° outside as I am typing this response.

I’m not sure what’s going on, according to BOM it’s only currently 26.5 outside in the CBD, but 34.9 at Melbourne Airport. It wasn’t that warm when I went out at lunch time.

I find the dry heat here much more pleasant than the high humidity in my former home of Miami Florida, USA. Although it does not get as hot there the humidity makes the heat seem more opressive and the humudity increases at night as the temperature falls. A/C is used 11 months out of the year to deal with the heat and humidity. It is cool and comfortable here at night even in the summer. Not so in Miami.

Chris, now revised this morning to 44° in Adelaide. It is currently 36° and it is only 8.20 in the morning!!
That -12° temperature is starting to look pretty good.

The temperature hit 106 F (41 C)on my indoor-outdoor thermometer in St. Kilda this afternoon. It may have climbed higher but the late afternoon sun shines on the outdoor sensor giving false high readings around 5 PM. It managed to stay cooler inside, around 78 F (26 C). My 2 portable swamp (evaporative) coolers help somewhat. I am glad I found them at the curb for free as I would have been very disappointed if I paid $200 for a new one. At least they comsume less than 100 watts each and won’t have much of an effect on my power bill.

Oh boo-hoo to all the whingeing Melbournians! Adelaide temperatures have consistently been at least 2, 3 or even 4 degrees hotter than yours over the same period of time! Our top temp so far has been nearly 46 degrees! Whether we like it or not this is the sort of weather we get in Summer, so stop complaining!

Because Adelaide people would never complain about heat-related problems? Oh yes they would.

As for the top temperature, Adelaide’s 45.7 was only about half a degree over Melbourne’s 45.1. And if you can’t pointlessly whinge about stuff on the Internet, where can you?

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