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Easter Saturday

Apparently, officially, Easter Saturday is now called “The Saturday before Easter Sunday”.

That’s really not a very catchy name.

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Easter Saturday”

That’s because Easter Saturday is actually the Saturday after Easter Sunday, at the end of the Easter week: hence it’s also incorrect to refer to the Thursday before Easter as Easter Thursday, or to refer to the first day of the Easter weekend as Easter Friday.

The correct name in the liturgical calender is Holy Saturday, but that probably doesn’t sound secular enough.

I was also a bit puzzled by the new name when I was looking up the public holiday dates earlier in the week.

What really confused my was that we don’t get a day in lieu for ANZAC Day this year. Since I previous looked at that page they have added the media release link, but the media release is talking about 2010 and 2011, not 2009. I don’t understand.

In my memory, we haven’t ever got a day in lieu if ANZAC day falls on a weekend. I guess an acknowledgement that, unlike the Queens bday weekend, it’s not about the public holiday…..

And now I guess every single calendar as of next year with an Australian publisher who actually bothers to properly check the dates will publish the whole name:
SATURDAY: The Saturday before Easter Sunday (VIC), Easter Saturday (NSW, QLD).

I was about to write about the correct term for Easter Saturday being Holy Saturday, but I’m too late. Yes, Easter Saturday is 6 days after Easter Day. My understanding is that Easter Saturday is a commercial term that was taken on by the general public and media.

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