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Seven things you may or may not know about me

I was tagged by Patrick: Seven things you may or may not know about me.

I’ve been blogging for a while, so you might think there’s nothing left that’s unknown about me, but in reality only a fraction of my life appears on my blog.

That said I may struggle to think of things that I want to reveal but haven’t already, but I’ll have a go. Some things known to my friends but not known to people online are probably the best bet.

1. I’m more untidy than I’d like. Not stupidly untidy, but certainly quite untidy. Stuff at home doesn’t end up where it should, and it seems like a real effort to put it away properly (even assuming it all has a place to go, which is doubtful, particularly for some of my dad’s stuff which is at my place, or the Things I Haven’t Yet Got Around To Putting On Freecycle).

2. I’m less of a geek than I used to be. Other things, such as kids, and politics and activism have intruded. When I bought the XBox, I honestly thought I’d be playing it all the time. I haven’t. I never finished Halo. Perhaps to my surprise, older games that are easier to get into, and the Wii are more my style.

3. But I can find any number of ways to waste time in front of a computer. Facebook, blogs, email, more email, scads more email. Time just disappears.

4. I don’t mind argumentative people, but I do mind argumentative people who either get personal, or don’t put logic into their arguments. You want to convince me? Give me sound, coherent, logical reasoning and you might get somewhere. Persuasion is a journey. You try take someone along with you, and it’s the trip which is more important. You don’t just announce the destination and proclaim “We’re here!”

5. I’ve been almost totally blind in my right eye since birth. 3D glasses don’t work on me, and lack of depth perception means I can’t play badminton.

6. I get anxious about things I probably shouldn’t get anxious about, particularly doing new stuff for the first time.

7. Kinda related, I don’t like making unsolicited phone calls to people I don’t know. (I guess I’d be a terrible telemarketer.) I’m also bad at introducing myself to people.

If anybody else who blogs wants to have a go at posting Seven Things You May Or May Not Know About Me, then feel free — leave a link to your post in the comments.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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I might do this one. Have to think about it a bit. Blogging for a while is somewhat of an understatement. In a vague attempt at humour, do come up say hi one day, or at least give me call.

A friend just told me something her elderly relative reminded her of recently: Don’t put it DOWN, put it AWAY.
I’ve been trying to remember that everyday, but two problems – not everything has a home (every home-like space already chockers, hmm), and a houseful of people who think that where it lands IS home!

Good Luck, I believe it can be done.

Ha! Ha! Here’s seven more things you may or may not know about Daniel:
1. He refuses to go to a ‘proper’ hairdresser but insists on a barber for his haircuts.
2. He is quite deranged in his antipathy towards cockroaches.
3. He really likes ‘The Who’.
4. He doesn’t like artichokes on his pizza.
5. He makes his own museli.
6. He is a really fast typer but a really slow reader.
7. He is secretly a highly competitive footy tipper.

With respect, I don’t think it’s possible for Daniel to ‘Out-Who’ me. The true test of which is who has the great collection of Murray Gold’s music. ;)

Actually I stopped making muesli, I never could come up with the right formula to make it taste really great.

What are you talking about Reuben? The Who, not Doctor Who.

But besides, when I was your age, I could have shown you a collection of VHS tapes, magazines and Target books that would have made your eyes pop.

And there are people who would say “great collection of Murray Gold’s music” is an oxymoron.

Tony’s is brilliant :-) But then, I don’t even have a blog (why do I feel like a dinosaur when I write that?)

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