Patrons of public transport

In the late 80s, the then PTUA committee got together a group respected community leaders, including prominent figures from both sides of politics, to be patrons of the organisation.

Here’s a picture of three of them, from The Age in June 1989:

PTUA patrons: McCaughey, Hamer, Crean

One of them, Frank Crean, father of Simon, and former Treasurer in Whitlam’s government, passed away yesterday, aged 92.

The others were former Victorian Premier Sir Rupert Hamer (1916-2004), Dame Phyllis Frost (1917-2004), and then Lord Mayor Winsome McCaughey (still with us).

By Daniel Bowen

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Winsome McCaughey, a blast from the past. Crean used public transport until very late in his life, like a tram to Prahran Market from his home not less than eighteen months ago. I suppose he had an entitlement to a car and driver…maybe not.

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