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Who to vote for, part 2

This survey of candidates was not on behalf of the PTUA.

I’ve got responses back from four of the council candidates for Tucker ward in Glen Eira.

All four responded positively when asked about transport (in particular public transport) issues. A number of them highlighted the issue of a lack of direct bus service from Bentleigh/McKinnon to Southland, which is interesting. I’d rather see Southland Station built; knowing how Melbourne’s typical bus services end up, it would provide a quicker link, more frequent services and longer operating hours than just about any Melbourne bus service would. I might talk to each of them about that.

They all highlight bus as well as train issues, thus showing an awareness of issues that aren’t getting the mass media spotlight. They all agree with the 68% of Melburnians who surveyed by The Age recently said PT investment should take priority over roads. Hardly surprising I suppose; Glen Eira already has a very mature road system, and space for widening/freeways doesn’t exist, not without bulldozing homes.

Theo Giantos is quite obviously more annoyed than the others by the lack of state government action. But there’s actually little else to separate these four, and based on these responses, I’d happily vote for any of them, subject to looking at their other policies and their How To Vote cards to work out if any of them are “dummy” candidates.

There are three vacancies, so I hope three of them get up over the others, whose lack of response makes their positions unclear to me.

I’ve summarised their responses below.

Candidate (alphabetical order) Donna Elliott Theo Giantsos Jamie Hyams Oscar Lobo
Glen Eira’s biggest transport challenges Poor services and reliability (buses as well as trains)

Unstaffed and dirty stations

Buses from Bentleigh to Southland

Bus/tram connections poor

Security on PT

Cancelled and overcrowded trains

Unstaffed stations

Level crossings

Lack of bus shelters

Need direct bus from Bentleigh to Southland

Cancelled and overcrowded trains

Need more bus routes, eg to Bentleigh/McKinnon to Southland

What they’ll do about it Talk to other stakeholders

Use media coverage

Undertake surveys to highlight issues

Lobby Minister and Metlink on services

Talk to Ventura Buses about more eco-friendly buses

Pressure via party leaders and media, work bodies such as PTUA

Campaigns with other councils and bodies such as PTUA Take concerns from community to relevant MPs
68% of Melburnians support better PT over roads. Agree with that view? Yes Yes Roads are good enough, apart from level crossing grade
separation. Need more PT.
Roads are good enough. Need more PT.
Glen Eira isn’t a member of the Metropolitan Transport Forum. Support joining? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Uni student? Catches PT regularly

Praises PTUA

“History will be very unkind to both Bracks & Brumby on the issue of public (‘privatized’) transport.”

Also supportive of cycling

ALP member.

Elsewhere highlights lack of station parking as an issue.

Whole of Melbourne needs an integrated transport

Liberal party member.

Very active in local community groups.

Former councillor; was one of those dismissed in 2005 by the Bracks government due to council in-fighting.

No response from: George Strintzos, Nick Staikos (incumbent, ALP member), Jim Magee, Raymond Landes (Liberal member), Henry Buch (incumbent, only since May 2008 when David Feldman resigned), Nellie Khoroshina, Jeff Mackie. The third incumbent, Kate Ashmor, did not re-nominate.

Mary Walsh’s Glen Eira Opinions blog has a record of some meet the candidate sessions, as well as candidate statements which help form an opinion on other issues:

Other interesting reading:

So who will I vote [1] for? One of the four above, will see how I go on the day.

I hope everybody else is also considering their voting options.

And whether or not to have onions on your sausage.

PS. Given Glen Eira’s refusal so far to join the MTF, and their silence on the matter, I’m planning on putting incumbents towards the bottom.

PS. 10am Friday. I ran into Henry Buch at Bentleigh station this morning. He reckons he did reply to my email, so I’ll be checking my spam folder very carefully and updating the table above if I find it. A fellow voter/passenger joined in the conversation and ended up grilling him on childcare, which was entertaining. I don’t think she was impressed.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

4 replies on “Who to vote for, part 2”

Interesting. Now it has never occurred to me, but why isn’t there a station for Southland? Ok, it was small when it was built, but it is quite big now and a train passes nearby. It would nearly be worth Southland’s while to make a contribution towards a station. Sorry Frankston line passengers. There is another two minutes on your journey. Do have the onions. It is the only flavour your taste buds will find, apart from sauce if you have it.

Andrew, since Southland was extended across the highway a few years ago, the train actually passes within a couple of metres of the back of the carpark — and about 50 metres from the entrance to the shopping centre itself.

I like Reuben’s sense of humor with some greens on the HTV.

Smart thinking about a railway station at Southland, but has anyone else noticed, that only in Box Hill has such forward planning favoured the person on the hoof!

I think the silliest decision ever made was not to have public rail system to the Airport. In Sydney, there is a private transport system but at a cost of $28 or something like that. I thought the ticket man was joking and decided not to try and save the taxi fare after all.

If the State Government would get serious about replacing the level crossings throughout Melbourne a whole lot of people’s time and money could be saved! Twice the Murrumbeena crossing has taken 15 mins to get through the lights because of the trains adding to the movement of cars.

Thanks Daniel for mentioning my blogsite, hopefully I can learn to return the compliment because it is only with interchange of ideas with the residents, Council will take us seriously!

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