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Who to vote for?

This Saturday is local council election day. Only nine councils are doing voting in person — all the rest have switched to postal voting.

I’m lucky enough to be voting in person. Oh sure, sending in an envelope might be more convenient. But I’ll be getting to peruse the cake stall and buy a sausage. So who’s laughing now?

In Tucker Ward we have 11 candidates for 3 positions. The only problem is I don’t know any of them, or what they stand for. So I don’t really know who to vote for.

So today I emailed all 11 candidates with a set of questions. (Their addresses are Predictably for me, I concentrated on transport issues. I’ll post later in the week when I get some responses (one back so far).

And I’d encourage everyone to similarly think about the issues that matter to you, and email your local candidates to see if they are worthy of your vote.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I’ll be doing a blog post on my local candidates (of whom the least said the better, frankly).

I’m a consistent Green voter; they ranked highly in many of your transport rankings it would seem Daniel.

I’m thinking Greens is the best bet as well, considering if not, we run the risk of some Labor councillors allowing a freeway/tunnel being built straight through the neighbourhood.


It goes to show that we are so far from anything but incremental changes on PT – it would appear that you will still be able to get elected without having anything to add to the PT debate (ie it’s unfortunately still a minor issue for people). In my ward, only 1 of 14 even mentioned public transport it in their blurbs – and I live in an old area :) … It would be an interested piece of research from the PTUA to do not only Melbourne but analysis of the other wards as well.

with the big election earlier, between me and my mates we realised that every single one of us either put Greens first and Christian Democratic last, or Christian Democratic first and Greens last. funny the balance?

I personally went the Christian Democratic. not a fan of the Greens – next thing you know you cant go fishing!

It’s interesting you say that, Shaz. I thought the Christian Democrats ran at a federal level or state level; they don’t garner much support on account of their pious fundamentalism.

I don’t usually support the greens but in the city council elections I hope Adam Bandt wins it. He said he would stop the eddington road tunnel and improve transport. He also said he would not be like John So (who did not even attend council meetings). Bandt also said his favourite place in Melbourne was the MCG, that wins points in my book.

In my ward the incumbent was the only one standing, so we don’t have to vote. Funny thing was we got a slip of paper from the AEC telling us this which was fairly amusing I thought.

I was so impressed that my council offered a postal voting system – my Saturdays are busy enough. It came with a sheet where each candidate had 300 words or so to give themselves a plug. The lack of diversity was rather depressing.

When i read the Greens policies for transport, especially at a local level, I’m really impressed, but I just can’t go through with voting for them when I see some of their other policies (particularly social policies)- its a shame because on transport they are spot on.

Living in the same electorate as you I am rather peeved we’ve had nothing- not even in the paper about each candidate other than their own promotional garb. If I’d been organised I would have emailed them too- all i know is some are marriage celebrants..some built rotundas..and stuff that isn’t of concern to me!

Is Amelia saying she lives in Bentleigh and missed the notifications of the two public forums organised by two individuals groups?. One organised by GERA (Glen Eira Residents Association) held at the Town Hall on Sunday, and then another one “Meet the New Candidates” held at the Elsternwick Club on the Sunday night.

I was actually guilty of posting “advertisements” on a post or two…..because we couldn’t afford to pay for big advertisements, and the Leader didn’t publish our meeting dates either.

Most candidates fronted up to the public and answered our questions dutifully and even had me changing my mind just for the moment.

Jim Magee, new in Tucker Ward will be an instant improvement for independent local government. Nick Staikos (Labor) works very hard, and Jamie Hyams (Liberal) is very efficient. I don’t believe any of them for use public transport though!

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