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How not to carry an overseas news feed

So I’m working from home today, and (while getting some work done) keeping an eye on the vote. I hope any Americans reading made the effort to vote.

How is it that ABC1 can screw-up their CNN feed? First they were blocking half the vital latest figures (the electoral college count) with a stock banner. Then they cropped half of it:

CNN feed spoiltCNN feed spoilt 2

Why can’t they get it right?

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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To misquote an out of context conservative, “the [ABC] board is laden with socialists”.

‘Nuff said.

Incidentally, Daniel, the guy on the right has an amusingly shaped head; he must be a republican in that case. ;)

*Awaits anti-non-sequitorial response*

Yup, sent in my ballot a couple weeks ago – I live in Canada now, but am registered as an absentee voter in Massachusetts. Very interesting to see how closely this election is being covered in other parts of the world.

Hey Daniel,

We worked hard, and we won. We won, you won, the world won. I was in Melbourne for the election of 2004, and this is amazing (I’m in Minnesota this time). We’ve got the feed here, Barack Obama is our president, and in a way, he is everyone’s.

Cheers! We’re so excited and so happy!

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Why is it that other people who are opinionated, cynical, young and secular feel the need to comment on “every” calendar day blog post on this site when their comments add zero to the discussion.

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Whilst I openly admit to being a bit off-track in some of my comments, personal attacks are meaningless at best. Ironically, by responding to me, you are contributing your irrelevance.

I was also going to add (something relevant), that I’m surprised the ABC are getting their feed from CNN. I would have thought PBS would have been a better option since they’re more similar to the ABC (and BBC) in terms of their style.

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