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Regeneration coming

Who's next?10th Doctor David Tennant is moving on after the 2009 special episodes.

I wonder Who’s next? Anybody want to speculate?

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Oh dear. Maybe he’ll never meet River Song after all?

PS. Video of DT talking about it … and his live announcement to fans.

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Lucky I had the day off today, I was almost in tears when I read the news… though I’m glad he’s going out on top. He will be missed.

I’ve liked him as the Doctor but probably not quite as much as Eccleston. I think the bigger worry for me is that the doctors are changing way too quickly for us to grow attached to – it would have been good to see another three seasons of Eccleston, at least. But this is part of my basic criticism of the new series – the basic premisses of the Dr. Who universe seem to be constantly in flux – changed to suit the ‘dramatic’ needs to the given episode – these needs being understood in terms of making bigger explosions. So when I hear Davies say “we’re planning the most enormous and spectacular ending” I can only groan. We’ve had the destruction of the multiverse. What now? The multimultiverse? The multimultimultiverse? Please! Haven’t these guys heard that size doesn’t matter. The stories need to be about things people can care about and they can not be constantly set to 11 or else everyone becomes numbed to the attempted effect. This means the show needs, among other things, strong continuity. Blink was about one woman. Yet it was the most effective (and affective) Dr. Who story I have ever watched. More of that, please! Not surprisingly, I can not wait, at this point, till Moffat comes along. Maybe he’ll manage to put the whole show back onto an even keel as at this point it feels like it is swinging about madly in search of ever greater affect. But, then maybe that’s my age talking. I’m sure that kids see it differently.

Oh, and if Dr. Who does not meet up with River Song I am ripping up my Little Dr. Who Fanclub membership card and jumping up and down on it in a fit.

Konrad: Yeah I’m getting a little tired of Russell T Davies’ shock and awe season closers. Hopefully under Stephen Moffat’s watch things will be a little cleverer.

Ben: Specials in ’09, a full season in ’10.

Ren: A timelord is meant to have 12 regenerations, so there could be up to 13 Doctors. (David Tennant is number 10.) Mind you, if they got up to the limit, and wanted to keep going, I’m sure they’d find some way around it.

They already said early in the year that Doctor Who would only have a small handful of “specials” in 2009 and that Tennant would be leaving after that, in fact when certain events occurred at the end of the season I thought that was him leaving early, so I’m puzzled why this is suddenly a big announcement now unless he was still thinking about it all this time.

I too am hoping his departure doesn’t mean yet another *holy crap entire bloody universe is about to cease to exist biggest cliffhanger in human history* episode, it’s getting very old very quick.

Don’t forget before Gallifrey was blown to smitherines the timelords offered The Master a new cycle of 13 regenerations – admittedly they are all gone now but it at least demonstrates it is possible to push that limit. That said, we’ve got a few more Doctors to go before worrying about that – although if each Doctor keeps doing short stints like we’ve had I guess that isn’t long away…

David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston were definitely the quintessential timelords for me (yesssss, I did watch). Both of them just a wee bit insane but entirely lovable.

And I’m sure they’ll magically find another timelord somewhere in the galaxy to start a new generation off. He’s probably hanging out with Kryton and Lister from Red Dwarf.

Only reason we’re having specials in 2009 instead of a full season is because RTD convinced the BBC to “rest” the show and avoid “over exposure”. Hmph!

Thanks Reuben and Daniel, specials for 09 it is then. As good as Tennant has been I will still look forward to the new Doctor. Time for something a bit different maybe, a female Doctor perhaps? Assuming that is at all possible.

I was reading in the Green Guide that the Sarah Jane Adventures are going to be screened in Australia. It is a shame that they are only going to be on Nickelodeon instead of the ABC…

Torchwood is quite good. I have just seen “They keep killing Suzi” and there was much in it that I liked. The idea of ‘life-energy’ is silly, though. For a show that’s supposed to be science-fiction I would prefer it avoided disproven 19th century vitalist ideas.


That’s season I; and it’s dreadful. Season II is much better…but people should probably watch season I anyway to see what it’s all about (but it gets better!).

Everybody I talk to about Torchwood say they’ve seen episode X – usually the worst of the worst of the 1st season, naturally.

Where’s torchwood screening? I keep looking for it in the green guide and can’t find it. Is it on cable?

Oh, PS. Foxtel are now showing the Sarah Jane Adventures, on Nickelodeon on Friday nights, and repeated copious times during the week, naturally.

>> Monday nights 10:30pm on TenHD, so youโ€™ll need digital.

You know, Ten ought to do far far far heavier promotion of their HD services. Correction, they should promote them AT ALL.

I’ve been a happy digital user since the day it launched, the upgrade I’ve done was to a hard disk based unit when Topfield brought out their original legendary models. As I have one of the original Pioneer 50″ plasmas from back in the day when they costed far more than I care to admit, and cry whenever I see current day prices, I’ve stuck with SD since my plasma only does up to 768.

So when I bought a new large LCD (for the outdoor kitchen, hence LCD due to sunlight) that had a built in HD tuner imagine my total and utter shock when I discover channel Ten has different programming between HD and SD.

Had they even bothered to once promote that fact, I would have upgraded to HD years ago. Okay so there’s not a LOT there, but it is still content we’ve been unaware we were missing.

P.S. The fact that 98% of our viewing is channel BT is irrelevant, that I *could* have had access to all this extra channel ten content is the point ;)

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