Just in case

Because you can never have too much redundancy redundancy.

Redundancy: Just in case

(During last Friday’s Grand Final parade.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Now Daniel, they’re doing that so as to ensure the intoxicated crowds of sunburnt Aussies don’t misread the first eight ‘road closed’ signs. It’s perfectly understandable.
And if I may cynically add, we live in a world of idiots.

That’s like saying trams don’t need conductors if they have a ticket machine and a map.

Reuben is right… we live in a world of idiot. Can I recommend the movie “Idiocracy” to everyone… but please keep in mind, that this is a bad movie built on a brilliant premise.

I can certainly agree with you Reuben, Australia has been dumbed down so much and nearly every second person in Australia is a moron. We obviously need to spend our money in education, but we cannot break people’s moronic mentality.

We have loads of these ‘useless people’ here in Japan. My favorite are the white-gloved, light stick wielding ‘guardmen’ who carefully wave you around the pothole being worked on, even though it’s been fenced off the the nth degree. I’m never sure if it’s the ultra-nanny state at work, some boondoggling by companies wanting to give jobs to cronies, or unions looking to fill the pockets of their workers.

It’s not that we live in a world of idiots. it’s that we legislate against the need to use common sense. This in turn provides us with all the dolts we have today!

I am sorry guys, you got it all wrong.

Its only the people who goto the Grand Final parade that are the idiots.

And the bigger idiots are the people who think they can drive through the city during a Grand Final parade.

I wouldn’t say we are a bunch of morons – more that we have become so used to being told explicitly and repeatedly what to do that if there is not this sledgehammer of instruction, we gape vacantly and have no idea what to do.

Going to Europe really opened my eyes about how much of a nanny state we live in!

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