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I love my mobile phone’s predictive text. It makes writing messages quite fast, considering the tiny keyboard.

But it seems some people don’t know this: if it comes up with a word that you don’t want, you press * to look at alternatives from its dictionary. If you don’t find the one you want, you can then add it to the dictionary.

Of course, you need to have your phone set to the right language. Otherwise you’ll end up with messages like this:

Nonsensical SMS

I had to ask for clarification on that one.

(It’s * on Nokia phones. Might be something else on others.)

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8 replies on “Predictive text”

I have a Motorola maxx V6 and there is similar function on it with word recongnition. It is very convenient and intellegent, but all takes getting used to.

I hate T9 predictive text input. I rarely text anyway, but when I do, it just bugs me, so I disable it.

Also – I don’t like using text speak, so I just type in the whole word. As a result, my rare text messages seem to take up 2 or 3 messages. But you can guarantee that what I say will be understood! :)

I’m well over the far side of 50, and I find the predictive text great, as long as you remember to check each word before you go on to the next. I have often sent messages from the “Nun” instead of “Mum”.

As a 43yo with a love of gadgets, of course I love predictive text, but of course you have to watch what you’re doing. Just tonight I texted my girlfriend, mentioning going out to “star” (pubs) for a “shot me aides” (pint of cider).

And just try typing in “smirnoff” on predictive (this might only work on Nokias) – it comes out as “poisoned” bwah hah hah.

Graeme, I not only also use full words – I use semi-colons… :)

I love mine – I add to add MY OWN NAME (unless I wanted to be called “Jessica”, and I’ve used the shorter version since the mid-90s) to the dictionary, but “cancer” is already on there – what are you going to do? Text, “I’ve got cancer lol”.

And to Shane – it’s the same: I’ve got a Motorola, and Jo’s got a Sony Ericsson. “Smirnoff” comes out that way on both. :)

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