These projects are usually only thunder, rained on!

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Found this article on a Chinese language web site. I can’t read it, so I fed it into the Google translator facility.

I’m sure in the original Chinese, it’s completely grammatically correct — it’s the automated translation back to English that’s so entertaining. Some highlights:

Melbourne train passengers surge in the provincial government faces test of public transport services

crowded urban train in Melbourne on the number of passengers has created a new record, exceeding the 200 million people, but new data show that the surge in passengers And the provincial government to take the corresponding measures is not enough.

Governor Brumby said that in the past few years, travel by public transport of passengers is “extraordinary” rate of growth. He said that only in the past year, this increase in the number of about 25 million people.

Since 1999, Connex took over the operation of Melbourne’s train network, in Mexico City’s weekly trains running on schedule, a total increase of about 1,000 new vehicle trips.

Despite the crowded public transport to travel to the pressure, the governor of Brumby still on the continuous increase in the number of passengers that happy, because this increase is Victoria a sign of success.

Urban Public Transport Users Association, Brown (Daniel Bowen) said that this is not the first time publicly declared his commitment to public transportation system. “Earlier in 2006, the last of the urban public transport strategy (that is, we know that the Meeting Our Transport Challenges) promulgated ago, they said that this policy will solve any problems, but in fact did not resolve any problem. Based on past experience These projects are usually only thunder, rained on.” Mr. Brown said.

Reminds me a bit of the Glorious Rudd video.

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Instead of being amused by the oddities of the translation, I’m struck by the wonder of it all – it’s like magic. You put something utterly incomprehensible and foreign into a website, and out pops something you can (kinda) understand. Instantly. For free. Isn’t that like magic (or perhaps just insufficiently understood technology)?

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