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Matthew Flinders

The Age today has a give-away poster of the Art Deco exhibit Spirit of Progress ‘Matthew Flinders’ picture.

It’s not quite as massive as the poster on the side of the gallery.

Spirit of Progress poster

Hmm, that’d make a great framed print for my house. Err, slightly smaller that is. Not sure where I’d put it though.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Matthew Flinders”

Perhaps if we all chipped in – we could get the big one for your birthday. Just move some stuff around – I’m sure it would fit. PS. Happy birthday!

Jayne, I like your idea. It is close to public transport, nice parks as well as to sundry arts venues, has plenty of room and comes pre-furnished. Mind you, getting all those people every day wanting to come in and look at your etchings would be a bit of a bother.

I might just add to Jayne’s comment by surrealistically surmising how I would love to live in a toaster if I could fit.

But yes…the art deco fold-out was certainly a welcome addition to the usual bad news about Kosky’s intelligence (or lack thereof).

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