Notice the difference?

Spot the disclaimer at the top of the page?

It’s because a growing number of journos seem to be finding my blog. Certainly nothing wrong with that; nice to see they’re on the cutting edge, gathering information from far and wide. Welcome, media people from everywhere!

But I’ve had to emphasise to them that my semi-coherent rambling (particularly about local buses) here isn’t necessarily PTUA policy. Actually it probably matches in intent most of the time, but here I’m likely to be a bit more ranty. So I thought I’d better pop the disclaimer in. I don’t think media people would just quote bits of my blog as if it was PTUA comment — they all seem more careful than that — but trying to make sure.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

11 replies on “Notice the difference?”

I was so looking forward to reading in the paper that
“…The PTUA highly recommends that the govt invest in Tardis travel to combat the over-crowding of transport services” :P

Wait a minute, this site isn’t fact? So a couple of posts ago when you announced you were running for ‘Grand Emperor of the World’ isn’t true. I feel so let down by the politicians again.

Brian, I never said I was running. I just outlined my plan if I were to be elevated to that position!

Jayne, I like the Tardis idea!

I don’t believe the iPod thing. How do they determine that an MP3 on my iPod is illegal, or if it’s from a CD sitting at home?

Mind you, I think from memory that even after the recent reforms, ripping songs to iPods is still technically illegal. Eek.

Offtopic maybe, but re the searches for illegal MP3 by customs; good lord how slow will the security lines move if security staff have to ‘search’ files. And what happens to those travellers who have half a clue and put encryption on those files. If they refuse to decrypt are they charged. What if those files contain confidential company, or say medical information, hence their encryption. *sigh*

Agreed on the TARDIS transport. Plus, it has a built in pool (yet to be seen in the new series).

Meanwhile Daniel, how long is the disclaimer going to be hanging around for? I think a font reduction is in order…

I had a friend who had an answering machine, it went something like “Hi this is Emily. I can’t get to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and a brief message I guarantee I’ll get right back to you.” Then, in the style of those political ad notices, she would say really quickly “this is not a guarantee”.

The end of your disclaimer must be shy. It is hiding under the grey bar at the right of the page.

what Jed said, it isn’t wrapping and if you make your browser narrower the end of the disclaimer vanishes

It looks even worse in Opera where for some reason the text is bigger as well. (I checked it in firefox as well just in case)

otherwise, probably a good idea, who knows what a journo might think was true :D

Yeah there’s a bug in the current template, which means some wide things fall underneath the right hand margin. Gonna fix it. Eventually.

Meanwhile as Nathan suggested, I’ve shrunk the font size.

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