Spam spam spam spam wonderful spam

Judging from the bounces I’m getting from spammers appropriating my email address to use as a Sender, something which is alas unstoppable, the latest trend is to put an unbelievably tabloid subject line on the messages in the hope that people will open them. Or perhaps it’s to try and get through spam defences that pick up common spammy words?

Most of them seem to involve bad news or scandal of one kind or another, often involving celebrities. Most of them are spelt correctly, but there are exceptions.

Paris Hilton stabbed by stalker
Pit bull attack leaves boy in coma
Savage dog attack leaves students in critical condition
Fed chief resigns over US economy
Apple unveils Macbook Air upgrade
Hunderds feared dead in ferry crash
Scarlett Johansson caught in sex-tape scandal
Tom Cruise falls from horse, breaks back
Norton Firm admits to releasing viruses
Nereida gets red card from Cristiano Ronaldo
Wedding Biels for Just & Jess
Girl attacked by pirahnas in Georgia
Oprah Winfrey announces marriage
Police investigation fingers De Niro in mafia funding scandal
Bill Gates and family held and robbed in family home
Hundreds of US soldiers desert Iraq
Berbatov sold for 30 million pounds
A-rod reveals third party to marriage split
Drug-related shooting leaves 2 NFL stars fighting for their lives
Scarlett Johansson ex-lover sells sex tapes to press
Bill Gates purchases $68m luxury home – exclusive pictures
Jack Nicholson dies from cancer
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Bill Gates announces plans to buy up to 1/3 of villas in Lake Como
One year of oil promotion for car buyers
Too much salt linked to breast cancer
Tony Blair assassinated
Afghan bombing kills President Bush
Michael J Fox found dead in apartment

I wonder if anybody more gullible than me believes any of these headlines, or at least opens the messages?

(Holy moley, my Gmail spam folder has 12,826 messages in it. That covers one month. 427 per day.)

PS. Another couple of good ones:
Blair: Im Not Gay, Thats Just My Accent
Paris Hilton Infested With Cockroaches

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

5 replies on “Spam spam spam spam wonderful spam”

Wow Daniel, with that amount of spam, does any of it actually get through to your gmail inbox? I find that sometimes I do get the odd one that slips in, but not often.

Or worse, do you ever get legit email that goes into the spam folder? I’ve had that happen as well.

Hello. I got a lot of spam like this recently. Sometimes they are funnier than real mail… :-S

Nicole Kidman to wed Tom Cruise again

Steve Jobs made an announcement to close Apple stores nationwide in USA due to poor sales

Reports show women multi task better than men

McCain says he is a young man trapped in old body

US Agents Can Seize Travelers’ Laptops, Says Newspaper
Woman says cat saved her from fire

Pollution worsens as thousands make their way to Beijing for Olympics

Scientist has found that Earth will be on a collision course with Mars in 50 years time

Jack Nicholson dies from cancer

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