They’ve almost finished revamping the streetscape along Centre Road.

As a resident and ratepayer, I have only one question about the lighting outside the post office:


Bentleigh Centre Road street design

I could perhaps understand it if it was a popular spot at night. But it’s not.

I suppose it looks kinda cool, kinda groovy, the green light emanating from beneath the benches and out of the ground. I’m still not sure I understand it though. Is looking cool reason enough?

Update. Post date screwed up. Corrected to 16/7/2008.

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15 replies on “Why?”

Haha. I’mnot sure about the massive yellow lights, but the green lights are pretty retro….it’s abit random though :)

Those benches don’t actually need the supports, the green light is from the hover generators. But they put the supports there anyway so as not to scare people who aren’t familiar with hover generator technology.

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