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I genuinely hope Graham Polak makes a full recovery, but I can’t help noting that you can’t get much more Melbourne than this newspaper headline:

Tigers in shock after AFL star hit by tram

As for this one, it sounds like something from that Stan/Loretta scene from The Life Of Brian, about The Right To Have Babies:

US ‘pregnant man’ has baby girl

(Yes, sometimes I do miss my strange news blog.)

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4 replies on “Headlines”

I too feel for Graham Polak, however couldn’t help but chuckle when one of the smaller Age online headlines a week or so ago was “Polak expected to sleep most of Wednesday”.

that poor kid is going to be sooooo messed up! that father is soooo messed up! god made men. god made women. god made women to have children. why cant we be happy to live the life that was given to us? why does everyone always want more? be thankful!

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