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Attn: Tracey(s)

Attention: Tracey and Joanna Hoyle, and Tracey Anne Tobias.

None of you live at my house. (I checked; these aren’t aliases the kids are using.)

So please stop giving my address to people.

The mail for you has gone back to the sender.

(Unlike last time, I did check the White Pages to see if the names matched to similar addresses nearby. … Okay okay, I admit it, I remembered to check this after I’d mailed them back, but there wasn’t a match anyway.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

9 replies on “Attn: Tracey(s)”

Eighteen months after moving in to our new flat, we’ve finally got the not-for-us mail down to an acceptable level. It took about a year of returning to sender and opening anything that looked like it was from a debt collection agency, but now we only get the odd health-spa mailout addressed to the landlord’s daughter …

Yes, after 8 years we are still receiving a dribble of old mail. My mum still receives an Italian religious magazine called Pompeii sent from Naples. The previous owner did come and collect his mail for a while after he sold the house but 25 years later, this Pompeii magazine is still being sent to mum’s house and she just gives them to Italian friends.

VicRoads thinks the previous owners teenagers still live here.

I received a number of congratulatory letters from VR with advanced ‘P’ plates in them and suggestions about what to do with the old plates.

I send them back and tell them they don’t live here anymore (2 years now) but the plates keep on coming.

Somewhere in Melbourne, two young drivers don’t know that they are ready to display new plates in their cars. :-)

Over a year after we moved here we were still receiving the previous owners mail. Funnily enough, it stopped very shortly after we returned a driver’s licence renewal.

VicRoads gives you the P plates now? What amazing progress. I had to buy mine.

We used to get mail for a Roberta Williams in our flat. I wish it was her. Got to the point where the sheriff came looking for her but had to go away with an empty van.

Oh I just had a realisation – we’ll be the first to live in our new house, which is in a new estate, so does this mean we won’t have to “RTS” letters and mail?? Oh I hope so! This place we’re in now seems to have around 19 previous names attached to it. Why don’t people redirect!?!?!

It’s all right Rae. You won’t be left out. 10 to 1 your landline phone number will be a “recycled” one and you’ll get calls from someone else’s friends and rels ;-)

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