The machines will win

You know in the end the machines will win (1/2)

PS. See also: The machines will win II

28/5/2011: Pictures tweaked.

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Metcard ticket system is shithouse (excuse my French) and a rip-off. Machines always misfunction. Bring back conductors at all stations and trams. They would be a great benifit and used as guides to Melbourne. Not ticket inspectors who beat up innocent commuters for no reason and take them to court. We do not want Myki, we want rail extensions. Tickets with conductors should be $1 per trip and it would be great and encourage cheap transport. There is a saying “sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to move fowards”

Yeah I was sure they were thinking about robots taking over the world, but had to put it in a subtle way. Awesome way of capturing it with the connex as well.

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