People say the darndest things

Complete strangers say odd things to me sometimes. And it’s not just asking for directions.

Middle-aged tipsy lady on the way to the football one Friday night: It’s that man off the TV!
Me: [non-committal]
Lady: Yes, you are… who are you… the opposition health spokesman or something?
Me: Umm no, I’m a public transport advocate.
Lady: That’s it! Well you come across very well.
Me: Thanks.

Lady behind the desk at a clinic where I’d taken my dad: What did you think of the budget?
Me: [confused look]
Lady: I know who you are.

Cop standing next to me on the (packed) train last Friday night, as heaps of people got out at Glenhuntly, to another cop nearby: This might be the end of the zone.
Me: It’s because this is the last carriage, and the exit is back there.
Cop: [Looking over at me] Ah… well you’d know, wouldn’t you.
Me: Uhhh… sometimes.
Cop: How is the public transport tonight?
Me: Crowded! The last train was cancelled.

Elderly lady in Big W: Do you work here?
Me: No.

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By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

8 replies on “People say the darndest things”

I used to get asked if I worked at Big W all the time when I went there on my lunch break. Eventually I found it easier to point people in the right direction for what they were looking for rather than explain that I didn’t work there.

I wonder if any of those people whom you’ve just written about read your blog and go.. ‘hey, thats was me’. If it was, speak up! :)

There must be some kind of look that we’re giving out, I get “do you work here” a lot. Do I look like I know where I’m going, therefore I work here? Maybe that’s it.

And you ask why I don’t say hello? Firstly, cos I’d probably blurt something dumb, and secondly, cos I’d probably end up in a post like this! (Plus I’d feel like a stalker. I once overheard you on the train ordering a pizza and I just felt like I was intruding!)

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