Twentieth reunion

Friday night’s 20 year school reunion had all the standard components: old mates chatting; drinking; fairly raucous singing old the school song; a meal; more drinking; a few speeches, that kind of thing.

And a school tour. If my kids had been there, I’m sure they would have thought it was very Harry Potter, especially the school tower, which now contains the school’s archive, with many and varied items of interest. The library is now the staff room. The computer room is now the geography department. The hall has barely changed — even some of the seats are the same.

Colin, the President of the Old Boys Association is an ex-teacher at the school, and this made for some amusement, as he attempted with his best stern teacher’s tone to get people to quieten down during the speeches.

A number of blokes I knew well at high school but whom hadn’t been in touch over the years (including the previous reunions) showed up, which was great. Most looked similar to how they had done years ago. Many now have families and kids.

John and Tristan decided that Essendon coach Matthew Knights was the most prominent old boy of our year, though he didn’t attend on the night.

Some noted my efforts, which was nice. And Andrew, who I had a lot of laughs with in years 9 and 10, surprised me by saying how much he enjoyed the How To Destroy Your VCR web pages.

One of the current assistant principals spoke of the current school’s battle — to prevent a 25 storey building going up behind the historic 1927 building, spoiling the vista. Most of us were roused up enough about this to give money on the night to the fighting fund.

Was a great night. To be followed up with a flurry of emails and Facebook additions, no doubt.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I’m laughing at the Wiki list…urm Julian Knight…murderer! Now there’s something to be proud of LOL.

Sounds like a great night was had by all, Daniel :)
Fingers crossed the fighting fund is a winner and Madden pulls his head out of his proverbial, that development sounds hideous!
And that architect needs new glasses if he/it thinks the proposals for Camberwell are acceptable in any century.

Konrad, I did get to say hello to Jeremy S… and quite a few of 3G4/4G4 were there, including Daniel I, Andrew K, Damien K and John E.

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