Brushing teeth

Went to the dentist last weekend for the not-quite-six-monthly-more-like-nine-monthly checkup. They reckoned my brushing is going well. I didn’t tell him I only floss every couple of weeks…

I brush my teeth two or three times a day. When the kids are around, it’s the latter, as I brush with them at their bedtime, then again when it’s my bedtime.

Some swear by their electric toothbrushes. I’m happy to stick with analogue. In the past I’ve been told off for not giving the gums enough attention, but that seems to be okay now.

Dunno if I’m taking the best care of my teeth that I possibly could, but if the dentist is happy, then so am I.

By Daniel Bowen

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When I was in the Navy you got free medical and dental care. The best money could buy, since money was no option for the patient the dentist didn’t need to scrimp on the solution.

I remember going on a 6 month deployment once and we embarked a Dentist and a Dental Hygeinist for the trip. The thinking was that all crew members (333 of them) would be a captive audience and that during the trip they would all have at least a check up. It’s amazing the lengths to which grown men will go not to visit the dentist – especially within the confines of a warship! Mine were fine as it turned out.

A year or so later I was posted to a shore depot and my wedding was coming up. I booked in for a check up, cut and polish. When I was in the chair the dentist quizzed me as to why I was there. When I told him that I had booked the appointment myself he was stunned. Apparently it was very rare for sailors to voluntarily make a dentist appointment. He was happy enough, gave me a clean bill of health and sent me to the hygeinist for a polish! Brilliant ;)

Reminds me that in my uni days, compulsory student union membership paid for subsidised dental care, which I sometimes used. I wonder if that’s gone now.

It’s taken me thirty-four years (egads, am I confessing my age) to learn that I don’t brush my teeth correctly. Apparently, round and round and side to side is not enough. The angle of the toothbrush matters!!!

At the last checkup that I booked (and I am one of those who only goes when something hurts) he told me I needed a cleaning and that I wasn’t brushing so that the bristles got down to the gumline. News to me! Plus, he said I’m brushing way too hard. *Sigh*. Who would have thought you need a PhD for brushing teeth.

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